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Alex Gordez
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byTyler E onAlex Gordez

I have been learning guitar with Alex for two years. Not only is he an amazing guitarist but he is also an amazing teacher and is very intent on helping his students to develop their own unique playing style.

Thank you for the kinds words, it has been a pleasure working with you and helping you achieve your goals .

byDenise onAlex Gordez

I'm an adult beginner and I'm so happy I came to Alex! He is encouraging and lessons are fun -- I look forward to them each week.

byDan Peretrutov onAlex Gordez

Amazing guitarist, I have been going to his classes for only a year and I have learned so much already, if you want to learn how to play on this awesome instrument, I highly recommend Alex!

byQilu Liu onAlex Gordez

I''ve been learning from Alex for more than a year. I am so lucky to find Alex as my guitar teacher not only because of his knowledge, his techniques, but the way he guide my to the music world. Although I‘ve returned to my home country, I am still taking skype lessons and I enjoy each lesson.

byBernice onAlex Gordez

Wowsa, very nice. Some very good tunes here. Will try and get a track called 'Living The Dream' on my friend's radio show this Saturday.

byOrhan Anafarta (atrafana) onAlex Gordez

Amazingly creative and versatile musician and an absolute monster on the guitar. Anyone learning guitar from Alex is lucky. A big ole to you Alex!

byJoannellyn C. onAlex Gordez

Alex has been teaching guitar to both of my daughters for a few years. They’re 9 and 10 years old now and we’ve been extremely happy with their progress. They can both sight read very well and play any music piece they choose. Alex is professional and is great with children. He allows them to be creative and helps teach them appreciate music. We’re very fortunate to have him as a teacher.

Thank you so much, I'm honored and humbled by your comments.

byJoe onAlex Gordez

If there is a teacher who knows his’s alex. I’ve been with many teachers but none like him.

byPaul Stryer onAlex Gordez

Alex is by far the best guitar teacher I have had. I don't always understand a concept he is teaching me, or why he is teaching it to me. But he always knows when I'm not getting it and he always finds a way to help me understand what and why he is teaching me a concept. I highly recommend Alex as a guitar teacher.

As for Alex's music his CD is amazing, I have listened to it many times and I find something new in it every time. I highly recommend you get his CD Notes from the Road.

bySam onAlex Gordez

Hi, Just checked in to your site and listened to the tunes. You have an AWESOME music, but I had no success while searching for any link to buy your album ...

Hello, thank you for the kind words it means the world to me. You can find my album for sale at most of the major online stores. Here are some links:---------- ----------

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