Lesson Resources

Lesson Resources

The items on this page are all resources to help facilitate guitar lessons with Alex. All students should have at a minimum the “Blank Printable Treble Clef Only Sheet Music” downloaded and 10 sheets printed. It is also a good idea to have “The Jazz Cord Book” downloaded and available to review during lessons.

Kids Beginner's Shopping List

Does your child have the gear needed to start guitar lessons? Click the button below to go to Alex’s one-stop-shop, where you will find a list of products needed for a child to get started with guitar lessons. Best part you just need to put them in our on-line shopping cart and press the buy button, all the guessing work is removed from this process.

Adults Beginner's Shopping List

Just like the kids shopping list Alex has compiled a list of items needed for an adult to start taking guitar lessons. Click the button below and add all the items to Alex’s online shopping cart, and you will be receiving your gear in the mail in no time.

Lesson Resources From Our Online Shop