Guitar Lessons

by alex gordez


Guitar Lessons

Welcome to my studio!

I am happy to help you reach your guitar goals.
Beginner to advanced lessons in:

  • Classical 
  •  Flamenco 
  • Tango  
  • Jazz 
  • Gypsy 
  • World 

Sign up now for an introductory session, in person in North Raleigh (Lake Lynn) or online:

In the introductory session we:

  • Access your skills 
  • Discuss your goals
  • Make a training plan  

Half hour introductory sessions are $30. Sign up by calling Alex at 919-413-3179 or email

Further Lesson Details

  • I offer private customized guitar lessons tailored to your individual needs and abilities. Whether you are just a beginner, or an advanced player, you will learn to think about the guitar and music in new and exciting ways
  • I have over forty years of experience as a guitar teacher for all ages. I can teach you serious classical guitar, and also tango, flamenco and gypsy music, which needs a great deal of classical training. I will also teach you music theory and accompaniment. 

Learning Tracks for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Students

  • Classical Guitar
  • Jazz Guitar and improvisation
  • Beginners and accompaniment
  • World music: Tango, Flamenco, Eastern European, Gypsy
  • Theory, Arrangement and Composition

Teaching philosophy:

My philosophy regarding to how to learn to play guitar: I believe that it is very beneficial for every student learn to read music and to have at least some knowledge of music theory. I also think that classical guitar in the beginning is the best way to learn HOW TO PLAY, so later the student can pick and chose any style of music - rock, flamenco or jazz - the foundation is still the same. I also believe that it is important to develop overall musicianship by listening to good music and trying to play it by ear. I will teach you HOW TO HEAR MUSIC BEFORE YOU WILL PLAY IT. I also will teach you HOW TO PRACTICE.


Student Testimonials

Absolutely the best guitar teacher in the area. I learned more in my first month with Alex than I did from years of private lessons at various local guitar shops. From classical to contemporary, he teaches his students the fundamentals of music; preparing them with an understanding of styles and techniques that apply to many genres. I was recently accepted into Berklee College of Music in Boston and I couldn't have done it without Alex. If you are serious about becoming a better guitarist, Alex will take you as far as you want to go.

Barrett F.

Raleigh, NC

I have tried several guitar teachers and have found that Alex is the one who has a solid musical understanding and can convey this to me in terms that relate to the guitar and help me understand how I can use this knowledge. His skill as a player allows him to demonstrate the techniques and give advice on how to implement these techniques in my playing. This has allowed me to improve rapidly and enjoy my lessons and practice without the frustration I felt previously with other teachers. I look forward to every lesson and can see myself as an accomplished player in the future. Thanks Alex

Michael H.

Raleigh, NC

Wonderful guitarist, composer and teacher ! The best in the area, his performances are amazing in any kind of music and at any event, either private parties or concert, I've seen him life may times. If you want to find a guitar teacher in that area or need music entertainment at your event, Alex would be the best choose.

Vadim K.

Charlotte, NC

I was recently accepted into Berklee College of Music in Boston and I couldn't have done it without Alex. If you are serious about becoming a better guitarist, Alex will take you as far as you want to go.

Barrett F

Raleigh, NC

Alex is in a class by himself both in terms of the quality of his teaching and his inspiration as a teacher. The three years of classical guitar lessons he gave to our son, Christian were a gift that has changed his life. His made huge improvements over the entire period. It all had to do with Alex's skill as a teacher and mentor and his passion for the guitar. The amazing thing was that the lessons were not that expensive and often lasted longer than the allotted time. Christian practiced longer and harder for Alex than for any teacher in his previous seven years of piano and guitar lessons. We did not know until about a year into the lessons that Alex studied at one of the premier music schools in the world, Gliere College in Kiev. We recommended him to two of our friends who also took lessons with him. They feel the same way about Alex as us. We give him our highest recommendation.

Kenneth C.

Raleigh, NC

Get in touch

Submit your name and email below along with any questions you may have in the message box. Or you can call us at 919.413.3179

Guitar Lesson Policies


  •  Your guitar: Your guitar may or may not be good enough for the professional studies. I will help you to find the right instrument for your level and budget.
  •  Your books: Depends on your level we will decide what book(s) are appropriate for you.
  •  Electronic media: I would encourage you to bring any type of recording device (iPad, iPhone or anything else) to record parts of your lesson. Also there are a lot of information can be downloaded from the internet, so this is one more reason to have the devices available.
  •  I would also require to have your home place ready for practice. Its not a lot, just a right no-arms chair, guitar stand, tuner, music stand and in some cases footrest for guitar. Follow the links to buy these on


  •     Please be courteous of fellow students by being on time for your lesson.  I may have a student directly following you,   and will not be able to make up for lost time. 
  •    If you must cancel, please call me at least 24 hours before your lesson and leave a message. Make-ups for canceled lessons are scheduled upon availability. If you cancel on the day of your lesson, you could forfeit that lesson. Genuine emergencies will receive special consideration, of course. I may occasionally have to cancel a lesson. I will do my best to give 24 hours notice, and a credit or make-up lesson will be offered.
  •     Excused absences will be rescheduled, however… NOTE: Excused absences must be made up in the current month or be forfeited.
  •     After completion of the minimum three month contract, if you should decide to stop taking lessons, a full month’s advance notice is required. If you decide, for an example, to discontinue lessons for the summer, effective June, you would be required to provide notice the first week in May. Failure to do so does not excuse financial responsible for the month of absence.


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  •   Payment is due at the beginning of each month for all lessons in that month
  •   Payments can be made by Venmo, cash or checks.


  • One-time Consultation Rate: $30.00 
  • 60 Minutes/ $60.00
  • 30 Minutes/ $30.00

Lesson Resources

From time to time you will need various supplies to help facilitate your guitar lessons. Visit the guitar lesson resource center to download and purchase lesson supplies.


Check out hand-picked supplies in Alex's Guitar Shop.

I look forward to seeing you in Class!!!