Alex Gordez

Guitarist & Teacher

Flamenco, Gypsy, Jazz

Classical, Latin, Tango,


Alex has been my guitar instructor for 2 years even though I have been playing guitar for a total of 6 years and a half. His unique approach to Music help me not only acknowledge areas where I was lacking but also in adapting his teachings to my pace.

He is so patient with my daughter who started taking lessons with him when she was 6, and after nearly a year, he was able to transform her into a capable classical guitar player

Would highly recommend based on teachers dedication, love of music and years of performance experience!

Classical, Latin, Tango, Flamenco, Gypsy, Jazz Guitar.


I offer:

  • Private Customized Lessons
  • Beginner or Advanced
  • You will learn to think about the guitar in a new way

Check Out Alex's Wine

Alex was given the honor of having his music sonticate one of Sonor Wines latest batches of wine, as well as having his picture on the label.

What is sontifacation, you might be asking yourself?

past tense: sonicated; past participle: sonicated
  1. subject (a biological sample) to ultrasonic vibration so as to fragment the cells, macromolecules, and membranes.
    “cells were sonicated in an ice bath”
    In easy to understand terms, they submerged a speaker into the vat of wine as it was furmenting and played Alex’s music from within the wine.

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